Terms & Conditions


Default acceptance at entry

By entering the premises or registering for any programmes or activities presented by / at Adom Aquatics, regardless of whether you are observing and / or participating in any activity or in any capacity, you accept the following terms, conditions, rules, and regulations of Adom Aquatics. These terms & conditions are updated regularly without notice, and it is important that you visit this page regularly to stay informed and up to date with its contents. 


By entering the premises and / or participating in any activities at Adom Aquatics I hereby declare that I am duly authorised to enter and participate in the activities and programmes presented by Adom Aquatics. I hereby confirm that I am fully aware of the terms, conditions, rules and risk involved with entering the premises, using the facilities, and participating in the activities and programmes presented by Adom Aquatics. I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Adom Aquatics, its owner and / or any of Adom Aquatics’ representatives, employees and / or insurers, service providers and / or governing bodies from any and all claims, demands, liability, loss or damages whether directly or indirectly caused by entering the premises or participating in the activities presented at Adom Aquatics. I also accept the terms and conditions, rules, and regulations of Adom Aquatics included below.

Contact information

  • Name of business: Adom Aquatics Swim School
  • Business owner: Mrs. Madelein Fourie
  • Office hours: Mondays to Fridays from 08h00am to 12h00pm.
  • Office contact number: 056-817 1465
  • E-mail address: adome.aqua@gmail.com
  • Physical address: 32 Bredell Street, Parys, 9585, Free State, South Africa

Swim season

  • Adom Aquatics is registered with Swimming South Africa as a swimming school, and does not offer Gala swimming facilities and coaching.
  • The swim season at Adom Aquatics start the first week in September and ends during the last week of March each year. 
  • Adom Aquatics is closed from the second week in December and reopens after the first weekend in January of each year. 
  • Adom Aquatics is closed on public holidays.

We specialise in the following:

  • Learn to swim: For people from 3 years and older who has no swimming skills.
  • Style and fitness: For people who can swim, and would like to focus learning different strokes and improve fitness.
  • Water aerobics: For people who are confident in the pool and looking for a safe and effective aerobic activity to improve fitness and lose weight - Water aerobic sessions are lead by an instructor.
  • Water running: Specifically aimed at athletes who specialise in sprint, middle, and long distance running. Water running sessions are presented by Pierre Fourie (ASA sprint, middle distance, long distance, and cross country coach). 

Health & safety compliance

During a National State of Disaster, Adom Aquatics is subjected to the laws, rules, and regulations as stipulated by the South African Government, as well as the rules and safety compliance regulations provided by the governing bodies and unions that are applicable to swimming as a recognised sport activity. When entering the establishment or attending any activities presented you will be required to comply with the prescribed health and safety rules, regulations, and protocols.

Registration, payments, and cancellations

  • Bookings are essential: All programmes and activities presented by / at Adom Aquatics are subject to availability and must be booked in advance. 
  • Please contact Adom Aquatics directly to confirm availability and the programme  that is best suited for you needs. Please refer the rates indicated on the enrolment form at the time of registration. Fees are per fixed schedule and not calculated based on attendance. If you can’t attend a session or lesson it should be arranged in advance and will be subject to the conditions of “catch-up-lessons” provided below. Adom Aquatics require 1 month notice for cancellation of swimming lessons.

Bank account information

  • Bank: Capitec
  • Account name: Mrs. M Fourie
  • Account number: 153 72 444 83
  • Branch: 47 00 10 (Parys)
  • Payment reference: Initials and Surname
  • Send proof of payment to adome.aqua@gmail.com


  • Arranged transport for participants who attend day-care facilities in Parys only. 
  • No transport service available for Tumahole, Schonkenville, or remote areas outside of Parys.
  • Arranged transport is only available for participants scheduled for practice between 10h00am-12h00pm.
  • Transport must be arranged in advance / during registration at an additional cost.

Catch-up lessons

  • Catch-up lessons are scheduled for Fridays, must be scheduled in advance, are subjected to the following:
  • A doctor’s sick note must be provided.
  • Weather (thunder / lightning) does not permit us to practise and the coach cancels the lesson.
  • Adom Aquatics reserves the right to cancel and reschedule lessons.
  • No catch-up lessons will be scheduled in the event where a swimmer is absent due to personal vacation, absence without notice, or in the event where the establishment needs to be closed due to COVID health and safety regulations.
  • No lessons will be caught up, deferred, or refunded as a result of government prescribed regulations or when a national state of disaster is declared.

Swimwear & Hygiene:

  • Only acceptable and recognised swimwear will be allowed.
  • Swimming cap, goggles and towel are required for all participants.
  • Fins / Flippers are required for those participating in the strokes and fitness lessons.
  • All swimming gear and equipment will be for the participant’s own account.
  • No swimmer indicating symptoms of, or being diagnosed with Diarrhea will be allowed in or near the swimming pool due to the risk of Cryptosporidium contamination.
  • Please refer to risk-adjusted health and safety regulations prescribed by government during viral ourbreaks, pandemics, and state of national disaster. 

Parent support & participation

  • Parents and family members are welcome to observe during swim lessons. It hapens rarely, but if a parent’s presence disrupts the child’s ability to focus on the lesson, we ask that the parent don’t take offense. Every child responds differently to the environment and we are committed to to cater for each child’s unique requirements in a safe, professional and fun way.
  • ONLY registered participants who are scheduled for attendance will be allowed in the swimming pool.
  • Attendees must ensure that they arrive on time as per schedule. Training sessions run according to a strict time schedule and will not be delayed. 
  • Please note that Adom Aquatics will not be liable for the safety of, and neither are we equipped to attend to children on our premises outside of their scheduled time slot.

Refund policy

  • Refunds, discount, credit, and rewards will be considered within reason under the Consumer Protection Act.
  • Refunds will be regarded to be a courtesy in favour of Adom Aquatics, and Adom Aquatics reserves the right to decline any application for a refund, credit, or reward within reason and without explanation.
  • Swim lessons and training programmes are charged per fixed scheduled and not calculated on attendance. No refunds or credit will be allocated or processed if an attendee is absent. Also refer to the the section entitled "Cath-up lessons" pertaining to swim lessons. Not all programmes and activities presented at / by Adom Aquatics can be caught up at a later date or time.
  • Adom Aquatics offers different training programmes and sevices, and each of these are treated seperately. No credit will be allocated or transferred from one programme or service to another. It is also important to note that it will not be possible to sign up for any programmes or services at Adom Aquatics if your account is in arrears.
  • No refunds will be granted or processed for programmes, services, and activities presented by Adom Aquatics or its third-party service providers if suspended as a result of government prescribed regulations or when a national state of disaster is declared.
  • As a precaution, all approved refunds are subject to a minimum of 7 days (maximum 30 days) waiting period. No refunds will be processed and cleared for immediate payment.