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Adom Aquatics is a swim school and training establishment that offers its members a variety of professional programmes and opportunities to develop their confidence, skill, health, and fitness in a safe and fun environment. Adom Aquatics was established in 2016 and is located in Parys, Free State, South Africa.

Learn to Swim

Swimming is a skill that you will use your entire life and at Adom Aquatics you can learn how to swim from ages 3 years and older. Adom Aquatics offer swim lessons that is designed to address the unique requirements of every swimmer in a professional, safe, and fun environment. Learn a new life skill that will make you feel safer around the swimming pool, improve your confidence in the water, and open the door to a future of fun and fitness in the water. Book your spot for the swimming season in advance.

Advanced swimming

Advanced swimming lessons for learners who passed the beginner phase or can already swim with confidence in a controlled and supervised environment. Advanced  lessons are focused on teaching  and mastering the different styles / strokes and increase fitness and endurance. Groups are slightly larger than beginner groups but still kept small to ensure that each swimmer’s unique requirements are catered for.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics, also know as Water Aerobics or Aquafit provides cardiovascular conditioning that will get your heart rate up and muscles toned without the impact forces associated with other sport disciplines. Besides being an activity know to be a more social and fun variation of sport, it is also packs a serious punch in the calorie burning department. Whether you are looking start your journey on a new fitness regime or looking to add a fun cross-fit activity to your existing training, Aqua Aerobics is certainly a top choice. 

Water Running

Water Running sessions are more focused on the specific needs of athletes who specialise in running disciplines.  Water running introduces a 3-dimensional resistance model that targets, strengthens and conditions the running muscles in all directions. Water running is one of the best activities to include into your training for active rest or recovery days. Water running is also a recommended and prescribed treatment that addresses muscle imbalances and aid in the rehabilitation of running injuries. 

Meet the team
Madelein Fourie Owner & Swim Coach
El'Chané Bekker Office Administrator
Yolandé Bekker Aqua Aerobics Instructor
Pierre Fourie Water Running Coach
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