Swim season

The swim season at Adom Aquatics starts in Spring during the first week in September and ends mid Autumn during the last week of March when temperatures drop below comfort level for swimmers.

Beginners / Learn to swim


Fitness / Advanced swim lessons


Pool specifications

The swimming pool at Adom Aquatics is an outdoor / open-air fresh water pool with two lanes separated by a wave-breaker. The pool has a total volume of 110 000 litres and measures 15m long by 5m wide. The swimming pool has a depth of 1m at the shallow end and slopes down to 1,5m at its deepest. The swimming pool is solar heated and maintains a temperature of approximately 29C-34C during the swim season. The floor of the pool is demarcated according to standard specifications to comply with standard training modules and to introduce the swimmer to a true gala swim experience.

Pool water Sanitation

Sanitation and alkalinity is controlled by means of a sand-filtration system, Chlorine (Calcium Hypochlorite), Pool Acid (Hydrochloric Acid), and Sodium Bicarbonate (alkaline). Due to the open-air construction there is no risk of acute lung injury (ALI) caused by Chlorine and Ammonia gasses typically associated with indoor / closed swimming environments.